think think think.

Well some things never change. Here I am, the night before my first test in Grad school, and my mind is overflowing with thoughts - not on phonetics, of course, but on life, love, shooting stars, the mystery of the Gospel, obedience in trials, true religion, etc. Some of my best thinking occurs when I should be thinking about other things. Funny.

Actually, I've been thinking quite a lot, recently. So much so that I feel somewhat like Winnie the Pooh.

I have too many thoughts to make up one post, but it needs to start getting down on paper so that my mind can begin to see things clearer. God has been showing me so much lately, through sermons, songs, conversations with friends, books I'm reading, and scripture.

He's teaching me about obedience - a necessary function of grace.
He's teaching me about loneliness - how joy and happiness are very different, and how happiness is not required to have joy.
He's teaching me about sacrifice - how my life is lacking and yet longing for this.
He's teaching me about longing - how it's Holy and good and blessed when it is for the right things.
He is teaching me about His kingdom - I finally am beginning to truly understand in my heart what a treasure it is.
He's teaching me about wisdom - and how it's not something in mind, but in heart and action.

Mostly, He's teaching me about the Gospel - what a mystery! What a romance! We have condensed it to become logical, reasonable, and tame. Let it loose! Refuse to understand it, but let Him woo us! This is my favorite to think about recently, because I am getting glimpses of His crazy love for us, and how it compels us to truly live. How many of us can say we truly live?

This is my goal - to truly live that the Father may be glorified through the Son in me.

Think think think...

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