discovering dallas: day #4

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse.
A delight. Snuggled in an old residential area, founded by two Aggies, this is truly a find in Urban Dallas. It feels more like Austin. Or maybe your grandma's house. It's in an old home, so you really are just sitting in someone else's living room. I loved it. I ordered the French press coffee and drank the whole thing black. ("The whole thing" ended up being about four cups of coffee. Bring on the jitters!) The kind lady that served me said, "Here is your dessert," and boy was she right. No sugar and cream necessary.

Her name is Donna Renee and she is just lovely - looking to start her PhD at UT Dallas, so we chatted a bit. I imagine I will become a regular at Crooked Tree. If you'd like to join me, just let me know.

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