smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?

All of you "Friends" lovers will understand the title to this blog post. The reference I'm making here is that I currently have the "sexy voice" that Phoebe fell in love with when she had a cold, even kissing Gunther to attempt to re-catch her cold after she lost it.

Any "One Tree Hill" fans? I sound like Brooke Davis (aka Sophia Bush). Who wouldn't want to sound like her?

Not to be confused with who I look like. Apparently some unknown deemed this week "Doppelganger Week." A Doppelganger is a celebrity look-a-like, or to be more exact according to dictionary.com, "a ghostly double of a living person that haunts it's living counterpart." So no, Kristen Bell does not haunt me, and probably never will, but after some extensive research and testing (check out myheritage.com), my celebrity counterpart is Kristen Bell. I can handle that.

The point? I'm not sure there is one, except that I got really sick this weekend, resulting in a hoarse "Brooke Davis" voice and a lot of time on my hands to just sit and rest. And think. And be. And enjoy things like Doppelganger Week.

This is the probably the first of many more blog posts in the next few days (or hours) to relieve me of the doldrums that come from just sitting in bed. Enjoy. Go find your doppelganger.

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  1. You're just as sexy as B.Davis. Any day of the week