famous fridays: ernie halter

I went to dinner with a good friend of mine last night. We enjoyed sushi: shared the rainbow roll and the volcano roll. I love sushi. At dinner, I learned that this friend of mine, Zach Johnson, had recently purchased a metal detector. Why? Because while throwing snow balls in College Station, his Aggie ring slipped off, never to be found again (several things are wrong with this sentence, the biggest one being that there was, in fact, snow in College Station). But it was found, thanks to Walmart and their shelves stocked with metal detectors.

After dinner we headed over to Mugwalls, met up with Rikki, and enjoyed what we thought was going to be a small concert highlighting local artists. Little did we know that a celebrity was in our midst. Mr. Ernie Halter was friends with one of the other performers, and had driven in from L.A. He has three albums out, has "jammed with John Mayer" and co-written a song with the lead from Lady Antebellum (we learned this from the man himself). He was incredible. He has an acoustic/blues feel to him, with slow beats that beg for listeners to sigh deeply while cuddled up by the fire with a good cup of coffee, as well as dancing rhythms that inspire foot taps and head nods. His sound is rich, and raw, and he belts out his songs like he means every word, and I truly believe that he does. As for uniqueness, on several of his tracks he plays a Ukulele.

So check him out! Here is his myspace where you can hear full tracks for free. I recommend his song Lisa which is inspired by the melody of the classical Fur Elise by Beethoven.

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