a wee wish list.

I'm living in Scotland for my month in between summer and fall semesters, and I am just in heaven. I just love this country. It's God's country, you know; it rains just enough to make the flowers bloom, and the leftovers never flood. Legend says the rainwater feeds into the distilleries to produce the finest Scotch whiskey. My ancestors came from the wee Island of Jura on the west northern coast of Scotland, and I do believe my blood runs thick. This just feels like home to me.

This is my third time here, and I know when I leave these shores I'll be back again. Here is a wee list (Scots love saying "wee," and I must say it's quite endearing) of things that you need/want to travel the wild country.

1 - Plaid watch, $12.99 at Payless. Gotta sport the plaid. 2 - Coriolis hat from Anthro for 38 lbs (about $45). It's pretty windy here so hang onto your hat, but this will keep your hair straight for the photo-ops in the castles. The breeze is always cool here. Always. 3 - Sasha tote from Fossil, $148. This is real leather, and I actually own this bag. I made an investment and purchased a sturdy leather purse to last me a lifetime (or at least the next few years). The perfect size to store an umbrella in case of sudden summer showers and a snack for the train. 4 - BB Dakota Wool Herringbone Coat, $138 from South Moon Under. Yellow is the new black. I love this color right now! Would love this coat... 5 - Burberry Stud Rainboots, $350 on stylehive.com. Completely unreasonable, but very cute, and "wellies" are a must-have here. 6 - Jessica Simpson triangle knit scarf, $65. I hate to say this, but she did something well. Summer days are not too cool, but they are breezy, and this scarf just would do the trick. 7 - Celtic jewelry is just gorgeous. This ring is $550, and absolutely stunning. There is a lot of symbolism they place in their jewelry, particularly wedding bands. Lovers knots and Eternity knots are found everywhere. The Scots are faithful and loyal to the death - to their country and to each other - and you can see it in the spirit of the citizens today. I love that their freedom and their country and their love for each other is cherished here. It's just beautiful.

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  1. This makes me smile! I've got Clan Macdougall blood racing through my veins, so I've always wanted to visit. I want to hear all about the trip when I come to Dallas on SEPTEMBER 11TH :) :)