final exams.

Here I am, getting ready for final exams again, exactly one year after what I thought would be my last final exams ever. Lies. I'm never going to stop learning, and getting tested over it, for that matter.

And what do I do best during finals? Not study.

I always end up getting it done, but I've found that my coping mechanism for dealing with things that stress me out is sometimes not dealing with them. Out of mind, out of sight, right? Or is it out of sight, out of mind?...... Maybe I need to re-evaluate my strategies. I may have been getting my idiom backwards. Idiot. (If you're noticing that "idiot" is a minimal pair to "idiom," and thinking how lucky that is to use them for dramatic effect, stop thinking and start applauding. I did that on purpose. Of course, if you're not familiar with phonetics and/or linguistics, you just think I'm a nerd. You may think I'm a nerd anyways. You are correct.)

I have also found that I do my best work under pressure...ergo...increase the pressure and increase the output. Does that mean my procrastination and "out of mind, out of sight" philosophy is actually helping me? If A leads to B, then by all means, promote A (that is, only if you really want B). Procrastination for the win! Logic for the win!

This weekend, to help with my promotion of A (that is, procrastination), I will be attending a family reunion all day Saturday, moving into a new apartment all day Sunday, and packing for Scotland and Ireland in between these extensive events. I think I've got A covered.

Let's not think about B (success of my finals) just yet. Let's think about where I'll be in less than a week.

The first two images are in Scotland, and the second is from Ireland. I'll be staying at Stirling University, in Stirling, Scotland, home of Stirling Castle and William Wallace Monument (see pics below).

Here is the University.

The Castle.

William Wallace Monument (think Braveheart).

(Get excited Kelley Nease!)

This one will be there with me!!! :)

More importantly, however, the day before I leave for Scotland, I will be doing this:

Sneaking into pools.

Growing mustaches.

Going to McDonald's.


Checkin' out the Newsboys.

Wrapping boys' houses. No we aren't middle schoolers. Yes, we still know how to have fun.

Dressing up.

Being best buds.

Getting dressed up and looking pretty (and sharing closets).

Listening to Ray.

Giving SEB dreds. (And calling me SEB again.)

Dressing up again (a little scarier this time).

Enjoying the spotlight.

Together again :).

Here's to three years of living in the Pink House, four years of friendship (and counting), and soon to be sharing a room (maybe even bunk beds eventually....so we have more play space of course).

Can't wait to take Dallas by storm with you.

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