save as draft.

I keep writing posts and saving them as drafts. It's like the B-team of writing - I have all of these thoughts that I've benched for the season, or until further notice.

It's times like these that I turn on music and just sit, staring at my computer screen until my mind vomits all over the keys. But then instead of publishing, I save to drafts.

Most of these end up being published a few months later, but some never make it. Those are the most honest of them all that I'm saving for....? So I guess when I find myself drafting and not publishing, I find myself being the most honest, real, and raw, with myself and with God.

When I'm not posting, it reveals that I'm questioning and unsure, but I will say this because this I am sure of:  my God is good.

Hopefully I'll begin blogging again soon :).


  1. Hey girl! I like this new layout!

  2. I think you should post something new soon :)

    I need something to read because sometimes I get bored ya know ;)