insane love.

Open my mouth to drink the life - 
To sip on this cup you have brought me - 
To gulp down what's inside -
To fill my gasping lungs until their feeble attempts at breath are drowned out,
Until my feeble attempts at living cease and desist.
I swallow and my soul feeds off of the richness you have brought with this water turned to wine...
To wine.
I expected less, but with each swallow it burns an unforgettable impression - 
A thousand years is not enough.
A thousand years.
So celebrate we will - the taste, the sweetness, the joy.
My cup overflows and the last drop is unimaginable,
Until my eyelids lift and spot the empty cup.
A dream has surpassed my imagination, crowding out reality in favor of insanity - 
For love.
A smile wisps on the corners of my mouth and I close my mind to the world in favor of my dream.
A thousand years is not enough.

inspired by Dave Matthews Band's "Two Step"

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