Come Sit

David went to face his enemies
And found a table prepared before him.
“Come sit,” said a voice.

Elijah looked for God in fire and wind.
Instead he heard a whisper.
“Come sit,” it said.

Martha busied herself preparing a meal
While Mary chose what was better.
“Come sit,” said the Lord.

The disciples sent the children away
But Jesus bid them come.
“Come sit,” He said.

The Father looked down at His Son on the cross,
Then stretched out His right hand.
“Come sit,” He said.

Today, Jesus looks down on His sheep
Running around aimlessly.
“Come sit,” He says.

He sees those who never stop-
They’re always preaching, always serving.
“Come sit,” He says.

The gates of Heaven open wide;
A table is prepared.
“Come sit,” He says.

He points to an empty seat by his.
“I have called you, my child,” He says,
“So come sit.”

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