Abiding Mercifully in You

She is one part
Of the body of Christ –
Exuding His light
And touching His heart

The feet are beautiful
Running with the Lord
And carrying His word
To the ends of the earth

The legs are firm
Providing a foundation
For the church and the nations
To grow in dedication.

The arms enfold
Gathering in the hurt
Bringing them close to His heart
So that He may love and nurture

The head brings wisdom
Knowledge of the word
Instruction for the herds
And prophecies from the Lord

But where is she?
Her heart is not at rest
For she finds not a place among the legs,
The head, the arms or the feet.

However, her role is noticeable –
Unseen and insignificant in her own eyes
She is visible in the mirror of Christ
And to others, irreplaceable.

Her work, not in vain, is worthwhile.
She exemplifies His grace
And is quiet in her place.
She is His smile.

*I wrote this about my precious and dear friend Amy.

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