The Tree (Job 14:7)

A tree,
planted in the desert, the bark stripped raw from
the winds
and sand.
She waits in the dry seasons for
the rain;
her roots
cling to what little solid ground lies underneath the shifting surface.
Her eyes sting from
the sand;
tears may fall but
her roots
do not give way, even when attacked by
the wind.
Her hope
comes with the scent of
And yet, the glisten in her eye is always there to guide her laughter on
the wind.
And when the drought ends, she drinks deeply of
the rain
and is restored again.
A tree
always has hope, for when it is cut down by
the wind,or exhausted by
the sand,
it will grow again, and it’s new
will not fail.
They are rooted
in a Love
that does not die.
This tree
will dance forevermore.

*I wrote this for a dear friend who has inspired me to take life as the Lord brings it to me, to laugh at it, to Love in it, and to dance because of it. And above all, to always have hope, because the Lord is gracious to restore abundant life. Thank you, Lauren.

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