Malachi's Song

Darkness enfolds
All around is cold
Yet even in the night
The stars still shine

You alone are God (2X)

Arise the sun
Your Glory shines
Awake the dead
With healing light
Burn our hearts
Refining fire
You alone are God

Clouds unfold
Clears away the fog
Yet even in the unknown
Your Majesty is shown

You alone are God(2X)


*(This is mean't to be a song. My brother wrote the music to it. The music and the words, without each other, don't do the song justice. The inspiration behind this song was the book of Malachi. It talks about the depravity of Israel, how the Lord will sit 'as a refiner and purifier of silver,' cleansing all impurities, and then how they should not despair for 'the sun of righteousness will rise with healing on its wings.' We have such great hope in the Lord! And how true it is - we were healed when the Son rose. That is such a beautiful picture to me.)

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