all in.

are you ready?
will you go all in?
because when that gun fired, the first runner shot from the block, committed to going all in.

fingers, gripping the baton.
legs, straining with forward motion.
arms, pumping to keep momentum.
face, grimacing with pain and intensity.

feel the fire.
it's coming for you.
are you ready?
will you go all in?

think hard but not too long.
the baton is nearly ready to be passed.
will you take it?
it must not be dropped.

carried by martyrs and saints before you,
they died to bring it this far.
will you take it farther?

prepare for the burning you will feel in your legs.
nothing compared to the fires that may engulf you like those before you.
stretch out your hand in the flames and grasp the light that they bore - and do not drop it.
they died to bring it to you, will you not do the same?

forget the pain. keep pushing onward. remember the sacrifices they have made and make the same. when it gets too hard, cry out to the Father who knows the pain and suffering you bear. cry out in anguish and He will hear you - He will give you strength. cry out on behalf of the ones that will come after you. pray that they will see the light, and be strong.

do not stop.
do not slow down.
do not rest until your eyes catch sight of the runners ahead, or until the flames tear you down.
only then, release your grip on your dispatch, entrusting it to faithful hands that will continue on the path.

only then, rest in the arms of the Father who sent you.

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