(not so) profound realizations.

I spend most of my days by myself. Not literally by myself, but a lot of time with children who have language development issues and a lot of time in class. So half the time I'm with people who can't really converse with me even if they wanted to, and the other half I'm with a bunch of people who can't because of the social expectations placed on them in a classroom. When I'm not with these people I'm usually in my car. By myself. All this adds up to a lot of thinking time, because even if you're physically surrounded by hundreds of people, you're always alone with your thoughts unless you're actually talking to them.

Here are some of my profound realizations, as well as some not so profound ones:

I actually do enjoy children quite a bit.

That being said, I am no where near ready to be a mother. I don't have enough patience or love.

My attention span is an hour and five minutes - exactly 10 minutes before my classes are finished (or in one case, an hour and 45 minutes before it's finished).

I don't like "competitive" academia.

I do like "good learning environment" academia.

I drive slower than most Dallas-ites, and I'm really okay with that. Among my extraordinarily busy scheduled events, driving is my opportunity to take it easy.

My first thought/reaction to people and situations is always a selfish one.

Selfish thoughts are hard to combat, but my day gets better when I do.

Training is hard to do after a 10-hour day.

When I swim laps, I'm often the only person making that lifeguard get on the stand because of what time I get around to doing it. What can I say, I'm committed to stimulating the economy.

I like clothes way too much. Thank goodness I have convictions and no time to shop.

Cockroaches still scare the bejeebees out of me.

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