My Heart's Song

There are bars around my heart
Hindering me from taking part
In the life He’s given me,
In the joy that used to set me free.

It is cold in this cell.
The water in my well
Has all dried up,
And I have misplaced my overflowing cup.

The silence is deafening
But my fears are roaring
In my ears and tormenting my mind,
So I watch helplessly as the years pass by

And I do nothing –
Too scared to try anything,
So I huddle behind a locked door,
Afraid to venture out or ask for more.

A gentle wind awakes my soul;
A light floods my dirty, little hole.
I have a visitor in my confining room;
A friend has joined me in my tomb.

But instead of wallowing in the filth,
He tenderly observes my state; His eyes hold a wealth
Of love, compelling me to rise from the dirt.
He draws me close and soothes my hurt.

He breaks the bars
And heals all of my scars.
He lights a fire to warm my soul
And in His presence, passion replaces the cold.

My excited heart beats so fast!
He gave me a peace that He promised will last.
He has righted all of my wrong.
He is my life, my first love, my heart’s only song.

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