Isaiah 30:21

Everything before me is unknown.
But I can always look back,
Remain in the past,
See how much I’ve grown.

But, to what avail?
When I look behind me
I can never see
The end of my winding trail.

Where does it all lead?
This narrow path is so tough;
The soles of my feet are rough.
Why does my heart still bleed?

Who is with me on my road,
This road that ends with the sun?
I want to run,
But for the heaviness of my load.

But wait, a whisper on the wind;
A lightness felt in my soul.
He can make me whole,
Even though I’ve sinned.

So I turn to face the Son.
A voice behind me is ever present,
Saying, “This is the Way; walk in it.”
My journey has begun.

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